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How to overcome heartburn naturally

How to overcome heartburn naturally

Heartburn or ulcer disease is one of a stomach ailment suffered by many people. Many do not know that the ulcer disease can be very annoying when it is very severe. Ulcer disease is a disease that attacks the stomach, symptoms such as nausea, stomach feels sore and bloated.The usual therapeutic for how to cope with heartburn there are several ways.If the cause of stress ulcer disease because the treatment is therapeutic approach used psychiatric, psychological counseling, and of course the support of kin. Besides maintaining a regular diet can prevent ulcer disease, and coupled with adequate rest.There are many causes of ulcer disease. However, the most common in people who have a diet and lifestyle that is irregular, causing stress and depression. If you want to avoid ulcer disease, so keep your diet well and eat regularly every day. Do not forget to eat healthy fruits and vegetables that can increase the strength of your body condition. nah you can also follow the following ways to treat heartburn with traditional recipes like this

How to overcome heartburn naturally

1. Traditional medicine heartburn Using Turmeric

Prepare 2 turmeric fingers then wash with cleanTurmeric grated and boiled water plusSqueezed using a clean clothResults of juice left in place and take beningya water, or you can also drink straight.Drink 2 times a day ie morning before meals and at night before bed.

2. Traditional Remedy Using Guava Leaf
Take 8 leaves fresh seed jabuThen boiled with 1.5 liters of water to a boil, then strain the water grab.Dimiun 3 times a day, morning, noon, and evening.

3. Treating heartburn Using Papaya Seeds
Take papaya seeds to tastethen dried papaya seeds to drywhen dry, papaya seeds until finelyafter smooth, pour the papaya seeds collision, and drink regularly

4. Traditional Medicines Ulcer Pain Using Soybean
Prepare 1 / 2kg of soybean seedsThen the soy fried without oil (Roasted)Once roasted, soy until finelyThen add hot water, such as brewing coffeeThe traditional herb drink regularly three times a day for 2 weeksTo prevent heartburn, you can simply take a day once a

If the above drugs have no effect on your Ulcer Disease, please visit the doctor to know you more jelansya ulcer problems, Causes and How to Overcome Ulcer Disease we have discussed above, and note that the stomach does not make a full recovery. So, avoid the problems that can cause an ulcer coming. for more details see also causes heartburnHow pretty easy right to make traditional medicine heartburn? You can follow the traditional way regularly. Hope it is useful. but do not forget to share the article on how to treat heartburn premises trsadisional this recipe to your friends well.


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